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The following are Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres's
eye-opening publications publications of the Word 
of God:

Chosen of Israel

The God Religion

Kingdom of God Church

The Torah and Testimony

God's 2 Requirements to Heaven

God's True Names

The Bible of Revelation

Paul the AntiChrist & False Apostle

Christianity is AntiChrist

Christianity is a Cult

The Law and Heaven

The House of Israel Bible

The Nazarene Code

Nazarenes of the Way

Watchmen of the Way

About the Author - Dr Jorge Mata-Torres PhD

The author / editor is subject to error and is as human as anyone reading this publication  - so with this in mind is more than willing to revise any text or position on any of the chapters if shown to be demonstrably in error provided the contrarian evidence is conclusively "tangible" with scripture and clear and conclusive logical deduction and reasoning in addition to providing archaeological, forensic, historical, or prophetic evidence to support said claim. Simple opinion alone will not suffice and hate mail will not be tolerated. Ultimately, the only thing that matters IS THE TRUTH which The Common Sense Bible seeks to reveal.