Abba has chosen you as the voice of His Ruach. You have helped me and I'm sure others in our search for truth...
      May our Mighty One bless your efforts and your household.

                                                                                                                                                                                        R. Albanese

     A Revelation to Understanding Key Events, Scriptures and God's Ultimate Message in the Bible

As much as you may think you know everything there is to know of the Bible you are going to find out how much you don't.

THE BIBLE OF REVELATION takes scripture to support scripture and uses deduction, logic, and plain common sense to have a deeper understanding of what the Word of God is actually telling us concerning key scriptures, events, and His Ultimate Message which has been distorted and hidden by malicious and misguided individuals, denominations, and academic institutions.  
THE COMMON SENSE BIBLE has been laid out as close to the Biblical layout from Genesis to Revelation as possible. is an excellent tool to search for scriptures, Lexicon (Hebrew & Greek), and Multi-Language use.

THE BIBLE OF REVELATION is as much for skeptical Atheists and other religious believers as it is for Christians who know little of the Book from where their faith derives - particularly pastors and priests who knowingly or unwittingly teach followers false doctrines and practices. The knee-jerk reaction for most will be to dismiss the findings without ever having read or investigated the evidence presented - it is strongly recommended you do not.  

Much of what is considered as "Bible truth" is in fact not that at all.  Many denominations and competing religions have used a portion of scripture or taken it out of context to promote false doctrines. THE BIBLE OF REVELATION  takes careful steps to put scripture in its proper context and where applicable, provides additional scripture to support it in order to not leave it to private interpretation.  In addition, archaeology, forensic evidence, history, and linguistics are applied in certain topic areas to support or denounce certain common beliefs. THE BIBLE OF REVELATION is written to be to the point and for the common layman to understand - it is intended from being heavy-handed in its prose and presentation. Material is sourced from other contributors in putting this Bible together.  

God the Father and the Son of God thru Their Word has left mankind an ultimate message that most people never get and has instead twisted completely out of context. It is no wonder that scripture states that the world is deceived. Scripture and common sense has been applied in reaching an undeniable conclusion that is left at the end of THE BIBLE OF REVELATION

The Bible is NOT inerrant - it contains a vast number of contradictions and inaccuracies.  In fact, some sites claim anywhere from several dozen to as many as 50,000 errors in the Bible.  Many agnostics, atheists and opposing religions use this to "prove" either the non-existence of God or that their god is the true God.  There is no doubt that the hand of man of the "early church" edited, revised, and manipulated text in carrying out a political agenda within the empire.  There are  books that don't belong in the Bible and others that should have been included.  Therefore to claim that the Bible is inerrant and entirely the Word of God is not only foolish and naive, it only serves to throw wood to the fire of die-hard skeptics who claim it is entirely man-made.

Lets take this "every word of the Bible is the Word of God" argument to another level - how does this logic apply to the words of the serpent spoken to seduce Eve to temptation in the Garden of Eden?  Are the serpent's words the Word of God?  What of the words of Satan in tempting the Messiah in the desert - are Satan's words the Word of God? Common sense says that the serpent's and Satan's words are not the Words of God - instead, it is a recording of the event. Keep this very much in mind with the chapter on Paul.

However make no mistake - within its countless contradictions, inaccuracies, and redactions, therein lies the Word of God the Most High in the Bible.  No faith or religion matches the Bible for its archaeological, historic and prophetic accuracy - not even close.  This alone proves that there is no other God than the one of the Bible. There is a Creator God - easily disproving absolutely ridiculous scientific claims taught as fact in academia from kindergarten to universities.

Keep an open mind whether you are of a competing faith or religion, an agnostic, atheist, or Christian - RESEARCH AND STUDY THE EVIDENCE. There is absolutely no agenda to denigrate, embarrass, humiliate, or shame anyone - rather this is to educate and inform readers and it is entirely up to the conscience and heart of each any everyone of them to determine if the evidence has been presented in a straight-forward way which may or may not influence their belief system. 
For most the Bible will take on a whole NEW perspective and
meaning with each chapter of 
THE BIBLE OF REVELATION. Rest assured the Bible, your world and your life will never be the same after you read the publication. 

The author / editor is 
subject to error and as human as anyone reading this publication - so with this in mind is more than willing to revise any text or position on any of the chapters if shown to be demonstrably in error provided the contrarian evidence is conclusively "tangible" with scripture and clear and conclusive logical deduction and reasoning in addition to providing archaeological, forensic, historical, or prophetic evidence to support said claim and contact us. Simple opinion alone will not suffice and hate mail will not be tolerated. Ultimately, the only thing that matters IS THE TRUTH which 
THE BIBLE OF REVELATION seeks to identify and reveal.

                                          "Nothing cuts deeper than betrayal and the truth"  
                                                                                                             Jorge Mata-Torres, PhD

Discover how THE BIBLE OF REVELATION shakes common theological wisdom to its foundation and prepare to see the Bible in an entirely different way - let's get started.

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